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Antarctic Sailing Adventure

From TBC

Available between January 01, 2014 — June 30, 2015

Duration of tour 21 days 20 nights

These are all SMALL GROUP tours

Led by one of Australia’s most accomplished Antarctic expedition yachtsmen, this Antarctic sailing adventure is an inspiring trip of a lifetime.

Who doesn’t dream of an Antarctic adventure? What if you could have your own private journey with a small group of people on a specially-built sailing vessel. What if you could commune closely with whales and penguins, be lulled to sleep by singing Leopard Seals and even swim among icebergs? If you’re looking for an Antarctic trip in which you can smell, feel and touch the continent in a way that's not possible on a cruise ship, this is the answer.


Thank you for all your endless knowledge over the past month”

– Marlee, guest

It was an awesome trip !!! Thanks”

– Goran, guest

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  • Small group sailing on a specially-built 75 foot Antarctic yacht with a maximum of 9 passengers
  • Led by one of Australia’s most accomplished Antarctic expedition yachtsmen
  • Close encounters with penguins, whales and seals


Minimum duration 21 days, ex Ushuaia (Argentina). Note, itineraries vary depending on seasonal demand and local conditions. The following itinerary and price are indicative. Please enquire for details.

Day 1-4 Departing Ushuaia, we travel down the west coast of Patagonia, with magnificent mountains in the background, then cross the Drake Passage. Light-mantled Sooty Albatrosses, Humpback Whales and Wilson’s Storm-petrels accompany us.

Day 5 We make land fall at the Melchior Islands and photograph Weddell Seals. If conditions are right, we kayak around icebergs, bum-slide down snow hills and absorb the marvellous scenery.

Day 6-7 We head to Port Lochroy and have a BBQ on deck ’Aussie style’, anchoring in Dorian Bay and exploring the old refuge huts. The Gentoo Penguins prefer living on the outside. There are birds everywhere and even the odd Minke Whale can pop over and take a look while Crabeater Seals forage on krill under a vast flotilla of icebergs.

Day 8-10 More more opportunities to relax, kayak and take it all in before we relocate to the Ukrainian base at Vernadsky, accompanied again by whales and seals, then to the Yalour Islands where there is a large population of Adelie Penguins. We might hear a Leopard Seal singing through the hull of the boat.

Day 11 We carry on towards the Lemaire Channel and onto Paradise Harbour joined this time by Chinstrap Penguins and the Scontorp Glacier - a great river of ice constantly carved off by the sea. We can hear it from a distance and head over for a closer look in the Zodiac.

Day 12-15 Onwards through the Gerlache Strait to Wilhemina Bay and on to Enterprise Island and the shipwreck of the ’Governor’. Passengers don a dry suit and drop in for a swim, others kayak. We enjoy risotto, stews and mulled wine, before heading back towards Deception Island near the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 16-21 The journey home. We cross the passage and head back up the west coast of Patagonia to our home port of Ushuaia.



All meals, port fees and on board accommodation. Does not include flights to or from departure point.


From TBC

Price on request.

Available between January 01, 2014 — June 30, 2015

Duration of tour 21 days 20 nights

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