Minke Whale Dives

June 15, 2009

Despite a mild winter this year, the Minke whales made their scheduled appearance on the GBR and once again captivated us with their grace and playful natures.

One of their biggest fans was a new member of the Eye to Eye family, Bryant Austin. As the only person in the world to compose and produce high resolution life-size photographs of whales, his group (Marine Mammal Conservation Through the Arts) attempts to unveil their mystery by communicating their true scale and depth. Bryant spent 5 weeks with us during the Minke season, getting some phenomenal images (we had a sneak peak!) and is now getting ready to exhibit them in controversial whaling nations, Norway and Japan.

Locations visited

Lizard Island


Whales, Dolphins & Seals 1 species
Northern Minke Whale, Dwarf Minke Whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) 1



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